Quality Assurance


HitekNOFAL Optix continually strives to deliver high-quality products exceeding our customers' expectations and helping them ensure a competitive edge.

Our Quality Policy mandates the application of internationally recognized procedures while thoroughly testing our products against high standards. We record our performance as the basis of measurement for further quality planning and improvement.

We, at HitekNOFAL Optix, strive to be the regional leader in terms of high controlled quality processes, and timely delivery, in a fast changing environment, we early identify future customer needs, deploy best-in-industry practices, and translate customer loyalty to profitable differentiation.

To always support our core values, we meet statutory and regulatory requirements, ensure legal compliance, and abide by national and international standards.

Our Quality Assurance processes assure the application of tight control during the successive manufacturing stages in order to deliver high quality in the final product.

Online Product Testing

We conduct routine production tests online and use the test results for internal quality control and process feedback.