HitekNOFAL Solutions, a communication network solution provider, offers FOA courses that cover both basic and advanced fiber optic technology. The curriculum is developed and certified by the US based Fiber Optic Association, an NGO, whose mandate is to spread the Fiber Optic Technology worldwide. FOA courses cover all types of fiber optic solutions, details of network nfrastructure, how it is designed based on different applications, as well the latest installation techniques in order to demonstrate to our students how to develop and implement the optimum fiber optic communications network. Besides the theoretical material that is covered by the FOA courses during the class, the students gain hands-on training, through the company’s fiber optic lab, where each student gets a chance to handle, work with and test the fiber optic cables & accessories. The students also gain the instructors’ field experience acquired over the years from all the projects the company executed in Fiber optics.

Last but not least, students are given the option to accompany our service team on field visits to witness first-hand real life fiber optic installations. This combination of theoretical, shared experience and practical training assures the making of a well-rounded graduate ready to tackle on the challenges of working within the Fiber Optics field. In order to graduate from HitekNOFAL Academy in either basic or advanced level in fiber optics, all students have to pass a test, developed by the FOA and administered locally.
Students that pass the test get certified by the FOA organization and are registered at the FOA headquarter in the US.

Course Objective:
To prepare the student to take the CFOT (Certified Fiber Optics Technologist) exam administered and graded at the end of class. The student will be able to effectively and efficiently install, terminate, and test multimode/single mode fiber optic networks. Also, Student will learn how to identify fiber types, recognize various connectors used in fiber installation. splice and properly test installed fiber cable to existing standards.

Course Description:
The course is designed for those interested in becoming Certified Fiber OpticsTechnologists. This program combines 70% theory and 30% hands-on activities in order to prepare the student to take the CFOT (Certified Fiber Optics Technologist) test that is accredited by the FOA (Fiber Optics Association). The course also introduces the student to industry standards governing FTTx, LAN/WAN fiber networks, and further introduces them to basic fusion and mechanical splicing. This course explores the history and future of fiber optics and fiber optics capabilities as well as allow the students to estimate the cost of installation.

Suggested Prerequisite:
Basic working knowledge of computers. Able to see and identify and handle small items, and able to understand English.

Course Duration:
An extensive 5‐day training course. 4 sessions per day with breaks/ lunch between sessions (we also do evening courses 3 days per week for a period of 4 weeks).

Location of Classes:
HitekNOFAL Office Building Located at 43 R Section 6, Zahraa El Maadi, Cairo Egypt.