Our Fiber Optic Factory

Our factory was established with an eye on manufacturing efficiency and cost optimization. We therefore identified the best machinery in terms of reliability, flexibility, operability and maintainability. We currently manufacture regular, pulled cables, and plan on adding production lines for blown micro-fiber as a second stage in our manufacturing plant.

Our loose tube cables come in either armored or non-armored configurations with pertinent outer jackets to withstand a range of harsh weather conditions. For extraordinary customer needs and demanding applications, our customizable delivery empowers you with cables that can withstand extreme temperatures and adverse chemical exposure.

Our central loose tube cables deliver stable and highly reliable transmission parameters for a variety of voice, data, video and imaging applications. These single jacket single armor cables are lightweight, UV-stabilized and fully water blocked; they are suitable for outdoor duct and direct burial applications. Acknowledged for their durability and flexibility, our central loose tube cables are required for many OSP applications and campus-type environments.

The main component of fiber optic cables is the "core"; it is made of silica glass, and it is designed to guide light through its length, by means of total internal reflection. The silica glass fiber has nominal diameter of 125 micrometers.